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I'm sorry for bothering some of you thanks to my last journal.
These last months I was changing a LOT about my personal life and that :'3

I'm sorry to expose practically stuff about my  relationship broken on february, but after few conversations I get the conclusion: If you DON'T want to help me you DON'T love me
Anxiety, depression and other mood-stuff were bothering me, also people in my RL helped me

More than a broken heart I had a big deception...


I saw the light.. Those months meanwhile my shadows were eating me alive I get a new light

Thanks to a cutie boy I'm having the great experience again :33
I can't tell if it is love (way too soon)  but I'm feeling happy nvn

I'm gonna try to upload more here, but yoy can like my fb page

See you :3
Sebastian Portrait by KatCygnus
Sebastian Portrait
Sorry for the long delay yuy these last times i was uploading only in my facebook page bcs slow connection :iconpapcry:

Well here my baby sebas, he looks older o.O oh well

Sebastian is mine.
WIP - sebas portrait by KatCygnus
WIP - sebas portrait
Yes I was totally out from here, job, personal stuff and that x.x actually I'm sick with a stomachache u.u well
I was working on this buddy these last days x33

Sebas is mine

Back to Gion


The day passed fast, luckily. Since the last morning, everyone was tense. Ohatsu looked altered, and by some reason, Roberto was annoyed… But I was going to have enough time to talk with them and clear that internal decontrol they surely had. In exchange, the young western girl was agreed to stay with Ako in the temple. She finally noticed that staying with the others would be dangerous, and more if she is one of the Genma’s targets. It was early in the morning… The sun wasn’t up when the movement in the temple, the sound of armors and weapons were resonating in the Lazuline Hall.
I was walking in one of the new halls that was constructed some years ago, and listened a chat how caught my attention. It was a casualty they were my travel partners, although they were parents, they stay young and a bit… Unsure of their lives.
I heard a little cry from Ohatsu “Why he didn’t told us!? It wasn’t very hard to hide the truth! …I’m worried, I’m worried about those boys… Maybe… Hideyasu left them?”
“Shh… Stay calm. I share your anger and your sadness Ohatsu, but… Remember what he said, this isn’t time for tears.”
“Tell that to Nakagawa!! Maybe she had to manage, hiding that of her sons… or maybe poisoning their souls.”
I heard a sigh and again, the european’s voice “Ohatsu... Count with me to whatever you want, but I need you to calm down right now. You can’t go to Gion like that. You understand me?
I hit the door several times “Can I?” I’ve entered, and the silence was totally present in the place while I was entering. Ohatsu was watching the wall, while Roberto was doing a gesture of greeting.
“Of course, anyway this is your temple.” Ohatsu left the place the most fast she could. But before leaving totally, she stopped at the door, without looking at us “I’m gonna search for the provisions and prepare the equip. See you later.” She was… clearly angry. She closed the door. Maybe she knew I was going to ask something about this.
“I think it’s very clear to tell you something, Tenkai.”
“Don’t worry. I know you aren’t the kind of person who tells about the other’s business. However there is no much to investigate to know the source of her annoyance… The best is to leave her alone for a while. Soki and her were very close, and the fact he hid that kind of things, affected her.”
“I think isn’t convenient to go with us. I prefer her to go with Jubei, at least they could talk.”
“You are scared to say something out of the blue?” I’ve asked in an innocent manner.
The blue-eyed Spaniard looked at me, surprised “… We gonna talk about that later. I’m gonna talk with Diana and being sure she’s not going to bother Arin.” He walked to the little door to move it.
I’ve shaked my right hand “Diana isn’t a baby girl, Roberto. And Arin, in fact, is more childish than you think.”
“Well, I doubt in this situation a woman on her thirties is going to be with games.” He looked back when he heard me laughing a bit “Tenkai? …You are hiding something, aren’t you?”
I giggled.
“Certainly…” He left, leaving me alone in the room. I looked at the window and saw the time to go has come.
Some minutes passed before everyone was reunited in the temple’s entrance, to see final details. We decided how Roberto, Ohatsu and I we’re going back to Gion. Jubei, Minokichi, Makoto and Ansaka goes to the terrains near of Daigo and Tadataka, Okibu and Yuuki were going to the towns near of Kyoto.
“Well, when we have to head back, Akechi” The blue haired Oni asked me.
“In three days counting since today. In third day’s dawn we have to be here. In case of emergency, we can send a message with Makoto or an eagle, depending of the group.”
“Understood.” Ansaka agreed.
I look at Ako “You know… I’m leaving the temple to you. But that’s an easy job for you.”
She smiled “Don’t worry, the temple and Diana are safe. Good luck and I hope you can find more information. If I find something I’m gonna tell you once you are back.”
“Thank you for taking care of my daughter.” Roberto added “I promise I’m gonna be back soon.”
“Be careful, father.” The blonde girl replied with some worry. “Remember to take care of your injuries.”
I’ve turned looking at the stairs and begin to walk in them. “Well, see you in three days. Let’s go!” We walked together to the point the routes get separated, and everyone takes their path.
A half hour passed before taking the first shortcut to make faster our walking, but for surprise, this one was blocked… So we couldn’t take the others.
“Maybe I’m going to sound paranoid, but I think the genma knew about this plan… Or simply the luck makes a bad play.”
“I prefer the second option.” Roberto said, looking to the sides. “We gonna take more time than last time.”
“With luck we gonna make it at night.”

And… It was like that. After some stops and interruptions, after some hour we finally reached Gion. It was almost midnight and it has more people than last time. This time it was real people.
Ohatsu looked a bit lost to the houses “Now, what we have to do first? Search for a hideout or begin searching those boys?”
I crossed my arms and closed my eyes for a moment, thoughtful “Let’s a place for you to stay and put me to look for those boys."
We walked to an old woman who made us some signals. She was watching the people passing. “I see you are foreigners. You need something?” Her eyes wide opened when she saw Roberto. “A westerner, long time without seeing one.”
The Spaniard look to the sides a bit nervous. “You know about some place to rest? For 3 days, exactly.”
The old woman giggled and got up of her chair, opening the door of the little house, completely empty “There, you can stay here. If you help me with favors and that. You are younger than me and I need some help, it has more value than all the coins of the nation.”
Ohatsu bows a bit “Thanks a lot. We can help in everything you need, If you want, I’m gonna do the dinner for you.”
“Oh… Thanks, gentle lady. At least, let me know your names” The old lady asked, looking at us.
“I am… Tenkai. She’s Ohatsu, and he’s Roberto” I said looking at them at the same time.
“Well, I’m gonna unpack the stuff, meanwhile you are going to look if you find those boys. Right?” Roberto asked me, walking in front of the door.
“Yes of course” I agreed looking at them “See you tomorrow. Rest a while.”
Both bowed and I turn my back to leave the place. I was looking first at the weapons and food stores, the places more frequented by young travelers.
A couple hours passed, without any result. But finally, I saw a dark figure entering into a bar, catching my attention. “Interesting” I whispered while following the person in the robes. I entered like a normal client, and I take a seat, looking for the person; a guy was next to me, He looked very depressed, I think he was crying…
This was a forbidden place, when lustful people enter to pay for their own pleasure. A girl sat very near of me, holding a bottle with liquor “You need something, sweetie?” She asked me, while shaking the bottle with one of her hands “Why are you here… So lonely?” She looked at me flirty, well; I’m going to use this to my favor.

“I was looking for a guy in robes, entering here. You saw him?” I asked politely, looking at her.

She pointed back with the bottle “Well, he was talking with… that man... Or woman? … But who cares? What do you want? You are looking for pleasure?” She was touching more of the correct but I was busier looking and hearing the conversation of the group.
It was a tall guy, the same height as Minokichi, The bulge on his back was an Axe, and he was talking with… a man? Wearing blue European clothes and a hat of the same color, surrounded by women. But I was a bit wrong when the supposed man begin to talk: It was a woman, a very tomboy one. She knows Japanese but her accent makes the speaking difficult.

“Well I have the gold” The guy speaks “Now tell me. Where you saw the Blue Demon?” He was searching in a little bag in his hand, taking out a gold medal, looking more a key…

It was very similar to Roberto’s key… but how he found that?

The woman was startled and took the medallion.

“I know where he is. In the morning will go there, I will guide you.”
Her reaction make me curious. She was maybe looking for the medallion? I pushed the woman to approach them. I looked at the pirate and then the hooded guy. The first was getting up and leaving jewelry on the table, which was gathered desperately by the women. All that was stolen?

“Excuse me, Young one. You were near Hieizan yesterday?”
In that moment, another hooded guy entered, with the features Minokichi told me. Young, maybe the same age as Minokichi. In the moment he saw me, he turn back and exit from the place. For my distraction, the other two take advantage to run away.

I followed them, going out from the back window and running to the street. In the moment least expected, I was in front of them. “You are… The Matsudaira brothers, aren’t you?”
The woman crossed arms, anxious, and the taller one take his cape off. He was a boy very similar to Soki, the difference was his hair and eye color, black and gold, respectively. I felt a very strange energy coming from him.

“If you want to know that, yes we are. What do you want?”

“My name is Tenkai Nankobo. You already know there’s a lot of demons out there and it’s dangerous being alo…”

“We don’t need babysitters” He turns his back and begins to walk. The other boy looked at me embarrassed, but didn’t say anything. “Hey Pirate girl, come with us. Remember you have to take us to the Blue Demon”

“Also… You, woman…!” I didn’t finished when they leave. Secretly I follow them secretly, to find out they are sleeping in a house near of the town. Tomorrow, Ohatsu or Roberto will find them.

I was looking around the place, when it was the hour I go back to the house. Maybe they’re sleeping, I’ve entered and peek quietly in the door. Sleeping in the same futon.

“Heh… something happened here… But isn’t my business”
I’ve closed the door and boiled some water to make tea, so I can take a rest and wait for next day… To know the story these two could create to cover they real acts.
Shin onimusha Golden Heart Chapter XXIV Part I

Oh well finally getting this thing updated :,v I was procrastinating a lot with the translation. TuT
Canon characters / Onimusha (C) CAPCOM
Ocs by me

EDIT: Updated with final part :,v sorry for the late.-


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Kat Rujano
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"Eso es tan CHICLÉ"
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:heart: YOU'RE WELCOME! :heart:

:star:About Me:star:
I'm a 20 years old Graphic Designer (but really i want t be illustrator ._. derp) and as you can see, I love Onimusha games :D

And Roberto Frois (OniDoD) more :iconheplz:
I like writing fanfics and doing crazy stuff 8D some people maybe wants to kill me but who cares Lol

My beloved ones
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I'M NOT GIVING POINTS! *sigh* I'm Working so hard to obtain them >;C

Current Residence: The Blue Realm (?)
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Favourite cartoon character: Saago (Shinzo/Mushrambo)
Personal Quote: Feel the power of the NAIL CLIPPEEER oAo
I'm sorry for bothering some of you thanks to my last journal.
These last months I was changing a LOT about my personal life and that :'3

I'm sorry to expose practically stuff about my  relationship broken on february, but after few conversations I get the conclusion: If you DON'T want to help me you DON'T love me
Anxiety, depression and other mood-stuff were bothering me, also people in my RL helped me

More than a broken heart I had a big deception...


I saw the light.. Those months meanwhile my shadows were eating me alive I get a new light

Thanks to a cutie boy I'm having the great experience again :33
I can't tell if it is love (way too soon)  but I'm feeling happy nvn

I'm gonna try to upload more here, but yoy can like my fb page

See you :3

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